NPC Happenings

Midday History and Music at Northminster

Midday Music and History are wonderful additons to Northminster's outreach program.  NPC  launched its inaugural season last year with classical and folk music concerts by outstanding performers from near and far.  The following events took place.

January 29:  A piano duo concert featuring the sister team of Gloria Cook and Cynthia Lawing presented piano music for four hands, one piano by Grieg, Dvorak, Tchaikovski and Brahms.

February 19:  Pianist Gregory Martin presented a program of Celtic Music including works by Brahms and Debussy.

March 4:  The Dunn Deal - Carolyn and Jim will share some traditional and contemporary folk songs.

This year, 2018, we have expanded the program, added Midday History and continuing the music at noon on Fridays,
starting January 12, 2018.  Please go to the "Event" section of the website to see the exciting history and
music events scheduled.