NPC Happenings

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Pastor Wally's Ordination

Northminster celebrated Pastor Wally's 40 years of devoted service to Jesus Christ.  He has been our Pastor for just over three years, so we have been a small part of those years.  We did not choose Wally Johnson - God chose Wally Johnson for Northminster and God has blessed us.  For our celebration Pastor John Nelsen, the co-pastor of the University Presbyterian Church in El Paso, Texas, a long time friend of Wally, was invited and led a Sunday School Class about the work that he and his committee are doing on immigration relationships between Mexico and the United States.  Then he took part in the Worship Service sharing the Scripture Lesson, Matthew 17:1-9 and John 14:23-29) and the Sermon (Just One Man on a Mission?).  Following the Worship Service a reception was held in the Fellowship Hall.