Mission Ministry

The Presbyterian Church in Kirkuk, Iraq
NPC's New International Mission: The National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of ... more

Salvation Army Angel Tree
ANGEL TREE Each year NPC members make the Christmas wishes for many children come true ... more

SUNDAY MISSION Each quarter our Sunday mission donations are given to one of ... more

Thank you Northminster! Though we only had 5 walkers, your generosity helped us to raise over ... more

Missions in the Narthex
Missions in the Narthex All Faiths Food Bank: Please place non-perishable food items in ... more

The Presbyterian Church in Kirkuk, Iraq
KIRKUK PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - NPC's New International Mission The National Evangelical ... more

From Our Mission Statement

Christ Calls Us, Christ Sends Us, Christ Is the Center of Our Lives

Hear about some of our Missions (Click on the word "Listen):  

Bible Mission, USA (Paul Eckel), Resurrection House (Joe Lucero)

and Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (Jessica Hayes) -