The Cornerstone Fund - Ways to Give

How to Make a Legacy Gift to
When you have decided how you wish to make a gift, we ask you to download and
complete The Cornerstone Fund Gift Form which tells the Church about your gift and
invites you to be a Cornerstone Builder. 

Gifts Now
Cash / Check: This type of gift is deductible as a charitable gift                                                        

Appreciated Securities (Stocks, bonds, mutual funds): The gift of appreciated securities is generally in the form of common stocks or mutual funds.  Such a gift is a valuable way to benefit the church and for you to receive tax benefits based on the fair market value of the assets.

Charitable IRA Rollover: This gift opportunity is for those over 70 ½. You are allowed to make a tax-free distribution from your IRA directly to Northminster Presbyterian Church.  This distribution is not included in your taxable income so there is no payment of additional tax on this qualified distribution.

Real Estate: The gift of appreciated real estate may be a suitable gift when a property is deeded outright to Northminster. The irrevocable gift of property may provide an immediate tax deduction and avoid capital gains.

Gifts That Pay Income
Charitable Gift Annuity: The gift annuity is an irrevocable gift of cash or securities where you receive a predictable fixed income for life. Northminster Presbyterian Church receives the residual value of the annuity.  There are also potential tax benefits, depending on your situation.                                    

Trust alternatives: Various types of trusts may be appropriate for your gifts. These are more complex gift options.  Please contact the church office for information.

Gifts Later
Life Insurance: Name Northminster Presbyterian Church as a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary on your life insurance policy.

Retirement Plan Assets (401K, IRA, 403b, Keogh): In some cases, retirement assets can be the heaviest taxed assets in an estate.  Naming Northminster Presbyterian Church as beneficiary can avoid taxation, enabling the gift to pass tax-free to the Church.

Bequests: A bequest is a gift, through your will or revocable trust, that enables you to retain the asset during your life and provides significant support when you no longer require the asset.  You may choose an item, a percentage or a residual bequest