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The governing body of the Presbyterian church is the Session. The men and women who are elected by the congregation to be members of the Session are individually called Elders. The Elders are responsible for the vision, mission, and government of NPC. They provide oversight without micromanaging all staff and programs, trusting those that God has brought on staff here. The Elders set and oversee spiritual direction and growth within the church. They encourage and support the staff, and they commit to pray for and actively participate in the life of the church. 

CLASS OF 2019-2020
Mark Goslin 
Sally Kirby
Cynthia Murphy 

Ron Myers

CLASS OF 2020-2021
Jim Christie 
Al Eckes
Betty Miller 
Valerie Wilde 

CLASS OF 2021-2022
David Messinger
Robert Price
Robert Silver
Dee Sosnowski